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GentleWave® Root Canal Procedure

White Oaks Dental Offers The Minimally Invasive Root Canal Alternative

Root canal symptoms can be a pain. Root canal treatments don’t have to be!

With over one million patients have experienced the GentleWave® Procedure, its role in changing patient perceptions about root canal treatment is clear. Watch the video to hear real patient accounts of their experience with today’s minimally invasive root canal that preserves natural tooth structure and promotes pain-free fast healing.

How it Works:

The minimally invasive protocol of the GentleWave Procedure reduces post-op pain and promotes fast healing for patients.

It starts inside the system, where each irrigant is thoroughly degassed, precisely diluted, and continuously refreshed throughout the procedure to maximize cleaning efficiency.

GentleWeave Root Canal Kalamazoo

Though advances in root canal technology have dramatically improved the patient experience, the results of our recent study show patients still fear the root canal.

General Dentistry, Dental Cleanings, and Exams

Preventing oral health issues before they happen is one of the most important aspects of overall dental health. With the help of our advanced, in-house technology along with regularly scheduled exams and cleanings, we are better able to assist you in preventing periodontal disease and other kinds of oral-health issues before they become problematic.

White Oaks Dental Family Dentist
Family Dentistry

Dental care for children should be incorporated into everyday life at an early age. Our pediatric dentistry methods allow us to help you promote the dental health of your children, all while demystifying the dental office. At our practice, we offer an array of safe treatments recommended for kids, and depending on the scenario, can help you choose what may be best for your child.

Kalamazoo Facial Aesthetics
Facial Aesthetics

White Oak Dental offers a number of facial aesthetics services to help you achieve the smile and look you desire. We offer treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, smooth threads, lifting threads, and KYBELLA.

Crowns Kalamazoo
Dental Crowns and Same-Day Crowns

Decay, discoloration, and damage are just a few dental situations that can result in the need for crowns. When it comes to these issues and alterations, you need long-term solutions. Our dentists want to make sure that whatever treatment you choose, it is the best choice for your dental care. There are many options when repairing your smile, such as lab-fabricated gold or in-house ceramics. We are happy to offer same-day crown solutions, where you will walk out of our office in just one visit with a crown on your tooth. 

Emergency Dentist Kalamazoo
Emergency Dentistry and Same-Day Appointments

Dental emergencies can be scary, but we’re here to help ease your discomfort and resolve whatever issue you’re facing. Should you need immediate dental care from one of our Kalamazoo dentists, please call us or contact us.

Cosmetic Dentist Kalamazoo, MI
Cosmetic Dentistry

Our expertise is complete dental care. From extractions to whole-mouth restorations, including veneers, endodontics, and everything in between, we provide comprehensive, on-site services to meet your individual needs.

Dental Crowns in Kalamazoo
Restorative Dentistry

Whether it’s dental crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, or anything else you may need to restore your smile, White Oaks Dental is here to help. Achieving the smile that you’ve always wanted is our Kalamazoo dentists’ top priority. Our team will help you feel confident about your dental health and help to restore any dental issues you may be facing.

Orthodontics Kalamazoo
Orthodontics and Invisalign®

The ‘perfect smile’ is defined by everyone differently,  but if you’re hoping to obtain a straight smile, that is something White Oaks Dental can help with! With effective orthodontic treatment, our Kalamazoo Dentists can ensure that your teeth will line up as straight as you once wished, with treatment being only temporary. We offer metal free orthodontic treatments with Invisalign.

Kalamazoo Dental Implants
Dental Implants

Dental implants can be life changing. If you’re looking to replace one tooth or multiple, dental implants can help to regain chewing power and look as natural as your permanent teeth. No matter what leads you to needing a dental implant, White Oaks Dental can help you by restoring dental implants.

Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo
Teeth Whitening

You can keep your teeth pearly white, year after year, with our take-home and in-office teeth-whitening options.

Gum Disease Treatments
Gum Disease and Periodontal Treatments

Gum disease, periodontal disease, and gingivitis should be taken very seriously. At White Oaks Dental, we educate our patients so that they understand the complete scope of their oral health.


Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, White Oaks Dental is accepting new patients. Please contact us to make an appointment.

What are facial aesthetics?

Dr. Keil has taken extra courses and studied extensively to provide patients with top facial aesthetics. White Oaks Dental offers - BOTOX®, Dermal Fillers, Smooth Threads, Lifting Threads, and KYBELLA®.  Please look at our facial aesthetics to learn more and see before and after photos.

What should I expect at my first dental appointment?

We love meeting new patients, and would love to see you in our office. For your first visit please fill out your new patient forms, or arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. We’re also happy to mail you new patient forms if you prefer. 

What insurance do you accept?

Please contact our office and we'll be able to run a benefits check, or pre-authorization if needed. We also offer an in-office dental care plan, please contact us for details!

Do you offer Same Day Crowns?

Same day crowns is one of White Oaks Dental specialties.  We have state of the art technology unique to our practice that allows our dentists to create crowns in Kalamazoo Michigan in just two hours.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

Should you find yourself in a dental emergency, please contact our office as soon as possible, and we will do everything we can to help you.

White Oaks Dental is accepting new patients!

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